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ul. Niekłańska 35/1 03-924 Warsaw, Poland

email: tel.: +48 570 223 34

new drinking coolture.

You can drink it neat, in room temperature. It’s cool without cooling.

We only use the highest quality natural ingredients for the production of our vodka. We do not use ar- tificial additives, pigments or flavours. Also all the materials used to create the packaging are natural and 100% environment friendly.

Gentleman vodkas and liquors are produced from the highest quality of grain spirit and mineral water extracted from an Oligocene water spring located some 300m beneath the surface. We know every single grain used to make our spirit. The grains we are using are 100% GMO free. There are 5 typical kinds of spirit: basic, refined – widely used in vodka and tincture production, se- lected – used in better quality vodka production, luxurious – historically reserved for potato spirits, and neutral. To create the best vodka in the world we have made another, 6th category: natural spirit which has no trace of methyl or fusel alcohol left.

We are using the Nano Silver, Gold and Diamond filtration in our vodka refining process to ensure all possible contaminants are removed. The process takes us twice as long as it took God to create the whole world – 2 weeks. The effect: nat- ural and mature vodka with unique purity, quality and taste. Our biggest asset is our passion and patience. The whole production process, and therefore every bottle, is limited edition. Quality is our priority; the quantity is limited. We only produce as much in our monthly batch as the market leaders do in just a few hours. But we won’t chase after them, our vodka will re- main rare because that is the only way to ensure the highest quality of our product. It doesn’t have a strong, unpleasant smell, you can enjoy it even without cooling and we believe that our Vodka will not ruin your morning after.


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Pokazane 1 - 6 z 6 produktów